Product designer

Hey there! I’m Laurien. I am a cheerful, enthusiastic and maybe a tad silly person. I love a challenge and will always give my all for my goals. Outside my work at Diacé, I am also self-employed in a secondary capacity. I assist both designers and students at the academy of Antwerp in pattern and sewing work. I recently moved to Edegem, where I now live with my boyfriend. In my spare time, I am a dancer and a climber. I am also a great artist. Meanwhile, I have been at drawing school for 18 years where I now take both Street art and graffiti.

If I have some time left over other than this, I like to use that time to make one more thing for myself or come up with a new little project to brighten up our apartment. I can really take pleasure in that. I can also enjoy an evening lazing on the couch with a good film or series. And for those who prefer reading to watching TV: sitting outside with a good book is also something I really enjoy!

My responsibilities

I work as a product designer at Diacé, where I design and make the products. I am also always looking for fun, new creations and cool fabrics we can use for them. I am also involved in a lot of creative tasks within the company.

What do my colleagues say about me?

I am the most open-minded person in the company, but once I have found an important insight, I can certainly be firm. As the director of tomorrow, I am very good at analysing situations, and myself, and my colleagues also notice this on a daily basis. Of course, I can also laugh at myself when I am wrong and at least one colleague finds me really funny. The rest of them do not want to admit it.

My favourite product

I really can’t choose between the pump bag and the sensor holders… so I won’t. With the pump bag, I am especially a fan of our new colour: rainbow gold. It is the perfect colour combination to start your day colourful and cheerful! But besides that, the sensor holder freestyle libre 2 Pink with the fuchsia strap is also a real winner! The colour is just fantastic, which makes this sensor holder just perfect. Moreover, it is also super handy to use!