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Hello there, let’s talk about Diacé. We are Nick and Stefanie and our son Cédric has had type 1 diabetes since he was 4 years old. Ever since his diagnose, diabetes started changing our family life. We wanted to give Cédric the best we could, but we found most diabetes equipment boring and uncomfortable. So, we began our search for trendy diabetes accessories. If we didn’t find what we were looking for, we made them ourselves. For Cédric and many others facing the same challenges.

It is the most daring step in our lives, but also the best because we can help people. With our company, we want to create more awareness around diabetes. Dreaming of such a great success, we never imagined. The plan now is to be a European value with an even bigger impact. We want to reach everyone with diabetes, bringing together one big community.

We have learned not to look too far ahead with diabetes. Trying to enjoy every day, diabetes should not control life, but it should remain a part.

Do you have questions or want more explanation about our products or services? Contact us and we will be happy to help.
We hope you enjoy our website.

Because together we are one.


We help you find the right diabetes accessories

Living with diabetes can be quite complicated. With Diacé, we want to make living with diabetes a lot more pleasant. Diacé offers a diverse range of diabetes accessories collected on one website. But how do you start that search for the right diabetes accessories? I’m glad you asked. We recommend that you take a look at these factors before you decide what you need. You can also send us an email if you are in doubt:

  • What kind of user are you? (Do you have a sensor, pump, pen…)
  • What is your lifestyle? (Do you travel often, are you (very) active, what are your hobbies…)
  • What is your personality? (Do you like to stand out, do you prefer to stay in the background or are you somewhere in between.)

If you have determined this for yourself, you can start filtering. We have categories, filters and search functions, all to make it easier for you. You can also set what kind of user you are through your account, so you will only be recommended products that are relevant to you.


Our Atelier


Testing accessories

All our products are thoroughly tested before they are sold. This is done by us, Cédric and our great community group on Facebook. Would you like to know how we do this or would you like to test our products for free yourself? Then you can go to our community by clicking here. A lot of great content awaits you there too!

We also try to give everyone as many opportunities as possible to get to know our diabetes accessories. We organize events, such as family day and the try before you buy days, so that people can really feel, try on and judge the product. In addition, we also have digital initiatives. For example, for our clothing, there are Instagram stickers that you can stick on yourself to see if you would look good in them. We are also working on AR-Filters where the product is displayed with you. Both of these projects will be growing rapidly over the next few years, so be sure to keep an eye on them!


The website

Our Diacé website is available 24/7 and because we work with our own stock we can ensure fast shipment of your material. You will find on our website the most famous Premium brands, but most importantly our own material that we designed ourselves through our own experiences with diabetes. We take a lot of pride in being a local and sustainable company, full of creative minds and real go-getters. Of course, our biggest inspiration remains Cédric, who occasionally notices that he does miss an accessory in everyday life.

About Diacé: our range

So, on our website you can find all the diabetes accessories you might need. Suppose a product is out of stock, our workshop will make sure it will be available again as soon as possible. Please note that our range is constantly innovating, which also means that products may disappear. Often these are replaced with a better alternative, such as an updated version of a product because there is a new version of a certain sensor. Some products are also limited edition, so getting them fast is key in these cases. You can follow our updates from time to time on our website and socials, but if you really want to be informed, I would recommend subscribing to our newsletter. You can also learn even more about Diacé through this newsletter.

You can also add a product to your favorites or put it in your shopping cart. This way you have enough time and overview to determine which products you need. You can also find us on diabetes liga, for example, where as a member you can get discounts on some products.