Our initiatives

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More than a webshop

Diacé has always been more than a business. Our mission is to bring people together. Through events, social media and through content. Being present on different platforms is our way of connecting everyone in the community, whatever you like to do in your free time.

Why do we make content?

There are several reasons why content is so important to us. You could summarize it in three categories: education, representation and normalization.

  • Education: we want to help people in their quest to live with diabetes, from newly diagnosed people to people who have been living with diabetes for years. Their spouses, parents and family can also use some tips from time to time.
  • Representation: people with diabetes are not yet covered enough in the media. We do our best to give children and young people content which represents their own life, as well as the challenges they have to face every day.
  • Normalization: There are a lot of stigmas surrounding diabetes. We want to eliminate these. No one should feel ashamed for having diabetes

Why do we plan events?

Events are the best way to physically bring people together. Sometimes in massive numbers, sometimes in smaller groups. Above all, they are there so that cool activities can be experienced together. Finding Diabuddies in your area is not always easy. We wanted to change that. No one should feel like they’re the only person in the world with diabetes. Sometimes a chat with other diabuddies and some low-sugar snacks are enough to make you feel more understood. Bringing people together brings satisfaction to everyone involved.

Naturally, you can also always ask questions of other diabuddies in our facebook community should you have any. Who knows what resourceful ways they have to make their own lives easier.