Director of tomorrow

I am married to Stefanie and father of two beautiful children, Hailey and Cédric. When Cédric was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, we as a family had to get used to a new reality: we suddenly had to learn all kinds of things about his condition and learn how to cope with a chronic illness together with Cédric. Not to mention the practical obstacles, such as the insulin pump that Cédric has to have with him 24/7.

All those medical devices and a child who was 4 at the time didn’t match. So we started looking for solutions that would make life easier for diabetics, but we didn’t find anything quickly or we had to have it shipped over from, say, the US or Australia. That’s how the idea for our own company was born.

Originally, we started buying diabetes accessories abroad to sell on the Belgian and Dutch markets. But due to corona, waiting times became very long. Therefore, since 2021, we started focusing on our own production in-house. Today we can say that 80% of our range is made in-house. We source the raw materials for this from neighbouring countries to reduce our environmental footprint. For the items we do not make ourselves, we rely on external partners.

My responsibilities

I’m responsible for the company’s strategy: I work on Diacé’s long-term vision and image, which includes finances. I also work out collaborations, for example with B2B parties.

What do my colleagues say about me?

I am the most open-minded person in the company, but once I have found an important insight, I can certainly be firm. As the director of tomorrow, I am very good at analysing situations, and myself, and my colleagues also notice this on a daily basis. Of course, I can also laugh at myself when I am wrong and at least one colleague finds me really funny. The rest of them do not want to admit it.

My favourite product

Undoubtedly the Freestyle Libre sensor holder! The sensor holder was the first product we designed ourselves. The product was developed because Cédric’s glucose sensor kept coming off prematurely. This was also immediately the start of our story. If we didn’t find what we were looking for, we made it ourselves. For Cédric and many others facing the same challenges.