Qlickone dextro dispenser

QlickOne Dextro Dispenser


Discover QlickOne, the smart dispenser that protects and conveniently stores your dextrose in daily life, during workouts, and at parties. With a simple “Qlick,” you can quickly take a tablet, perfect for raising your blood sugar.

The refillable dispenser accommodates the most common dextrose tablets, such as Dextro Energy, fitting perfectly into QlickOne. These tablets have dimensions of 17mm x 27mm x 6.5mm, with packaging dimensions of 92mm x 27mm x 17mm, making storage even more convenient.

Experience smart dextrose storage for daily use and training. Our refillable dispenser has space for 14 pieces of the most common glucose tablets.

Buy QlickOne now and enjoy convenient and stylish dextrose within reach everywhere. Optimize your energy levels with our smart dispenser!

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Weight 2 kg

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