Our Dia-cuddle action

What’s better than a Dia-cuddle? A free Dia-cuddle! Yes indeed, this month you really can get one for free. And you know what’s even better? Every time you order from the website in January you are automatically entered.

What can I win?

One Dia-cuddle will be given away. The winner of this product can still choose which variation they prefer to receive. The choices are child, teen and adult.

How can you win?

Throughout January, we will put a card with your order. So any order, from any country, will be accompanied by a card. On this card will be a unique combination of numbers. A draw will be held to determine which combination is the winning one.


There is no limit on your number of cards

So you may have multiple cards. Each card you receive may have the winning combination. So it is recommended to keep track of them all.

Winner will be chosen by a draw

This will be live on our YouTube channel and will continue on 03/02 at noon. Follow our socials to be up-to-date with this draw.

One week to claim your prize

You send an email to with a picture of your ticket. We will then confirm that you have won and send the product to you. If we haven’t heard anything after one week, a new draw will be held.